Allison Chan (b. 1995, Honolulu) is a designer, artist, and naturalist based in the Pacific Northwest. Her practice spans digital, print, photography, installation, fine arts, and writing.

Currently, she’s a design lead at a small company tending to regenerative agriculture and regional food sovereignty. She’s committed to nurturing slowness, deep flavor, and abundance in all areas of her life.

Select clients include the School for Poetic Computation, Seattle Design Festival, Google,, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, IDEO CoLab, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her work has been exhibited and recognized by the Museum of Modern Art Library, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Abrons Arts Center, Creative Applications, Adobe, and more.

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(b. 1995, Honolulu) is a designer, artist, and naturalist based in the Pacific Northwest.

Ocean to Forest, Death to Life

Every year, tens of thousands of salmon migrate back through the Salish Sea to spawn and die in their ancestral rivers and streams. Retracing the earth’s magnetic and chemical pathways over hundreds of miles, salmon return home to birth new life and pass onto the next. Oceanic phosphorus and nitrogen from their bones then fertilize the riverbeds, feeding generations of forests and fauna across the Pacific Northwest. In this sacred ritual, death becomes life.


Time Portraitures

A pair of slow clocks: one that stops when looked at, another submerged in gooey oil. Each loses momentum the more it labors. Dormant at first, a pulse can only be discerned if you give it time and listen closely.

Exhibited at the School for Poetic Computation. Featured in Creative Applications.


Left: A large, unmarked clock veiled in black velvet. Its face and hands are hidden from view, but a soft ticking can be heard if you listen closely.

Right: the same clock, unveiled. Triggered by a light sensor, the hands stop ticking, and the clock is idle. The current time is unknown.

A smaller, unmarked clock partially filled with mineral oil. With each revolution, the viscosity of the oil slows the hands down. The current time is unknown.


Sandspiel is a virtual sandbox that lets people of all ages play, paint, and experiment with real-world elements—sand, water, fire, plants, wind, and more. Inspired by sandplay therapy, the natural world, and the early web, Sandspiel offers a gentle sanctuary for expression, enrichment, and healing.


Revolution & Us

A pocket poster and pamphlet to help keep each other safe in the fight to keep us all safe. Co-organized and designed with Zainab Aliyu and By Us For Us, with contributions from a community of organizers, artists, and educators . Distributed by small press for free across New York and the Bay Area.


Rhythm & Ritual

A photo diary from my mother’s birthplace.