Allison Chan (b. 1995, Honolulu) is a transdisciplinary designer, artistresearcher and technologist based in the Bay Area. Her practice spans interaction design, graphic design, photojournalism, coding, art direction, essays, and criticism. Drawing upon a background in anticolonial feminist geography and a sensitivity to craft, her work often explores emergent possibilities at the nexus of community, belonging, and resilience. Some of her current interests include speculative fictions around race and diaspora, the role of data in expanding the carceral state, and the politics of care. She is happiest when working together with kind and thoughtful people in pursuit of less harrowing, more liberating horizons.
Currently, she’s in Oakland researching economic precarity and designing tools to support low-income communities at Even1, publishing an anthology of anti-deportation stories with the Asian Prisoner Support Committee 2, and theorizing more tender ways of internet-ing through the Prototype Web Residency 3.

2015  Google
2016  Facebook
2017  NASA
2017  IDEO
2019–  Even

2018  Eyedream Residency, supported by BUFU and Eyebeam
2019  Prototype Web Residency, supported by Are.na
2019–  School for Poetic Computation

2017  UW B.Des Show, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle
2018   Patchwerk, Babycastles, New York
2018  BUFU's Eyedream, Abrons Arts Center, New York