Allison Chan
Transdisciplinary designer and artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to emergent possibilities at the nexus of care, belonging, and resilience.
Designing tools to support low-income communities at Even1, publishing an anthology of anti-deportation stories with the Asian Prisoner Support Committee 2, and theorizing more tender ways of internet-ing through the Prototype Web Residency 3.
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Year 2018
Category Product, Interaction, Mobile

Redesigning Access to Reproductive Care

Access to sexual and reproductive care in the US is broken and undermined by political lockout, mass misinformation, and cultural taboo. Thoughtful, inclusive design is critical to its delivery, as every friction-laden step prevents a number of people from getting the help they need. With Planned Parenthood Direct, anyone in the US can quickly use their mobile device to access quality healthcare. Services like these illustrate the central role design can play in Planned Parenthood's mission to champion reproductive safety.
As reproductive care is deeply personal and often stigmatized—such that many are barred from accessing it in person—the ability to distribute it ubiquitously yet individually over mobile device is especially novel. Conversational UI’s create private spaces online to help establish patient relationships, foster trust, and build real connection. This project reimagines the PP Direct experience as a simple chatbot that adapts seamlessly to other messaging platforms—and, in doing so, forges more scalable and interpersonal access to care.