Allison Chan (b. 1995, Honolulu) is a designer, artist, and naturalist based in Oakland. Interested in  interconnectedness, slowness, and abundance.

Select Clients
School for Poetic Computation
Seattle Design Festival
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Seattle Children’s Hospital
(b. 1995, Honolulu) Designer, artist, and naturalist based in Oakland. Interested in interconnectedness, slowness, and abundance.


Sandspiel is a virtual sandbox that lets people of all ages play, paint, and experiment with real-world elements—sand, water, fire, plants, wind, and more. Inspired by sandplay therapy, the natural world, and the early web, Sandspiel offers a gentle sanctuary for psychosomatic expression and healing.
Since February 2022, I’ve been supporting Sandspiel  across product and brand. My work so far has included re-designing the core drawing experience, developing a fun visual identity, and ideating ways for people to program new kinds of cellular automata.

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