Dec 8 2019—
Born in Hawai’i but native to nowhere, my sense of self has always felt obscured by the contours of empire, labor, and diaspora. I’ve become grievously familiar with the technologies they imbue, their urge to swallow contemporary life, and the traumas they leave behind. But even so, I still believe in bending our imagination beyond our horizons.

I see my practice as a way to make my learning public. I aim to foreground words, images, and new media in a deep sensitivity to care—the racialized and feminized work often rendered unskilled and invisible, yet ultimately central to our survival. Few things to me are more urgent, more intimate, and more capacious in their possibilities for community than the practice of care. With this conviction held close, I hope to ask: How do we remember each other? How do we tend to our wounds? How can we unlearn what ruptures us?